radeonsi vs Catalyst 3DMark wine benchmarks

If a big team like CD Projekt RED thinks that using a wrapper layer like eON by Virtual Prgramming is a suitable solution for a AAA game port like The Witcher 2, who am I to ditch wine (which performs even better than eON)? I might even speak about benchmarking a native linux 3DMark version according to CD Projekt RED standards…

Anyway, I wanted to becnhmark something different and in particular to test wine’s D3D command stream patches, so I decided to try the famous 3DMarks: 3D Mark 2001, 3D Mark 2005 and 3DMark 2006. I did not test 3DMark 2003 because of this regression.

I’m using default 3DMark settings and my video card is an AMD Radeon HD 7950. For radeonsi I’m using kernel 3.15-rc5 + PTE patches (VRAM page table entry compression) + hyperz (R600_DEBUG=hyperz). I’m also using libdrm git, xf86-video-ati git, llvm 3.5 git with a rebased Tom Stellard’s si-spill-fixes-v4 branch, mesa git (OpenGL core profile version string: 3.3 (Core Profile) Mesa 10.3.0-devel (git-57730d6)) and Keith Packard’s xorg-server glamor-server branch (1.16.0 RC 2). Catalyst version is 14.4 (kernel 3.14.3, xorg-server 1.15.1 because of compatibility issues). Wine version is 1.7.18 + Stefan Dösinger’s D3D command stream patches.




What about you? Please share your 3DMark results and tell me which card/driver/wine version you are using.

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