raspbian wheezy 20140726 available

I updated my Raspbian Wheezy minimal image, raspbian_wheezy_20130926.img.7z is available here:

– New kernel.
– New firmware.
– Works with Raspberry Pi model B+

7 comments to raspbian wheezy 20140726 available

  • bronson

    Hi, I love this image. Now I’d like to change some of the packages and config settings and regenerate it. Can you tell me briefly what I would need to do?

    I’ve used debootstrap before, but never for the Pi. Not quite sure how to get started with the cross-compile.

    How can I follow in your footsteps? Thanks!

  • bronson

    Interesting… Is that the way you update your image? Just shell in and manipulate it by hand?

    I would have thought you’d use a buildscript. :)

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