This is the linuxsystems Debian repository. Currently supported release is Squeeze while the supported architecture is amd64. Please dot not ask for i386 packages, x86_64 cpus are available since 10 years and I’m not interested to maintain old stuff anymore. Since I distribute source packages you can easily build an i386 package with a simple:

apt-get build-dep <package_name>
apt-get source –compile <package_name>

To add the repository simply open your /etc/apt/sources.list and add the following lines:

deb squeeze main
deb-src squeeze main

If you need to force a package from the linuxsystems repository simply add:

Package: <package_name>
Pin: release o=Niccolo Belli <darkbasic(a.t.)linuxsystems(d.o.t)it>
Pin-Priority: 1001

to your /etc/apt/preferences. Obviously you will have to replace (a.t) and (d.o.t).

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