A new linuxsystems overlay: wine-d3dstream

This overlay allows you to build latest git version of wine with the D3D command stream patches which create a separate command stream / worker thread for WineD3D. This work moves OpenGL calls into a seperate thread in order to improve performance up to 50~100% and in some cases making the games under Wine faster than on Windows.

This patchset is made by Stefan Dösinger (here you can find his work).

You can find my app-emulation/wine-9999 ebuild with d3d stream patches in the new wine-d3dstream overlay: http://www.linuxsystems.it/overlay/

Please make sure you have HKCU/Software/Wine/Direct3D/CSMT = “enabled” in the registry. To do so open a shell, type regedit, browse to HKCU/Software/Wine, right click and select new->key “Direct3D”, right click and select new->string “CSMT”, double click and set it to “enabled”.

Here is a quick benchmark of 3DMark 2001 with the radeonsi driver with and without d3d command stream patches:


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