[Gentoo] Folding@Home v7: fahclient-7.1.52 ebuild available

Latest sci-biology/foldingathome ebuild in portage is 6.34-r2. Thanks to Bas Couwenberg who did the original sci-biology/fahclient-7.1.43 ebuild I made a new version for 7.1.52:  sci-biology/fahclient-7.1.52.ebuild

You can find both in my overlay.

The Raspberry Pi has finally arrived!

[Gentoo] G45/GM45 h264 VA-API video decoding

On May 2011 Intel released G45/GM45 h264 VA-API in their g45-h264 branch. More then one year later they still didn’t merge it to master and no one touched that code in the meantime.

Fortunately if you tweak your system a bit that code is good enough to play a 1080p video with a generous bitrate, […]

media-video/mplayer-1.0_rc4_p20120116 with vaapi use flag

An mplayer ebuild which supports VA-API hardware acceleration isn’t something you can easily find. There is one in the calculate overlay but it’s quite ancient nowadays. This is why a made a new ebuild based on the latest git code from http://gitorious.org/vaapi/mplayer.

You can find my media-video/mplayer ebuild with vaapi use flag in my overlay.


[Gentoo amd64] 32 bit graphic drivers from git without the multilib overlay

If you use Gentoo amd64 and the Intel/Radeon/Nouveau Open Source graphic drivers you already know the problem: x86_64 drivers from git (like media-libs/mesa-9999 from the x11 overlay) are bleeding edge and fast, while the 32 bit ones from app-emulation/emul-linux-x86 are outdated and slow. This is especially sad considering the most demanding games are the Windows […]