Debian Wheezy Raspberry Pi minimal image

I made my own Raspberry Pi custom image based on Debian Wheezy.

Features include:

A minimal Debian Wheezy installation (similar to a netinstall) instead of the outdated Squeeze packages Disabled incremental updates, means apt-get update is much faster Workaround for a kernel bug which hangs the Raspberry Pi under heavy network/disk loads A custom 3.1.9+ […]

Asterisk Debian Squeeze packages with T.38 gateway, queue hints and fixed RFC4235

After releasing a patch against 1.8.11 I made Debian packages compiled with T38 gateway support. Also, I backported a fix which should (hopefully) fix call pickup with RFC4235 (notifycid=yes) and a new feature which allows to place a hint on a queue.

Here is linuxsystem’s repository:

Stay tuned for updates.

Fast SSH file transfers with HPN patches

This is a common problem: you have some big files (for example a disk image) to transfer over a Gigabig Ethernet link and it takes too much time with SCP/SFTP . Also you probably don’t want to bother installing an ftp server, then what’s the answer?

It’s called HPN-SSH and it’s a patchset you can […]