[Review] Corsair Flash Voyager GT Turbo USB 3.0 128GB benchmarks

corsair_imageFinally I received my long awaited Corsair Flash Voyager GT Turbo USB 3.0 128GB and I immediately started installing my Gentoo dev box becuase I wanted a portable OS. Unfortunately I quickly realized the OS was bloody slow, even the most simple task required lots of time and the login had a few seconds latency. Simple tasks like a portage sync took way too much time, so I gave up and started doing some benchmarks.
Corsair promises 260 MB/s read and 235 MB/s write but in the real world you cannot even dream such values.

Here is an HD Tune Pro write benchmark:


As you can see 60 MB/s are far from the promised 235 MB/s, but what really astonish me is the access time: 720.1 ms.

720 ms access time and a 0.1 MB/S minimum rate.

I did some more benchmarks comparing the Corsair GT Turbo with an OCZ Vector SSD and a Samsung Spinpoint F1 traditional hard disk:



I don’t know how Crystaldiskmark reached 233 MB/s in the sequential write test while HD Tune Pro reached only 60MB/s

Flash drives are still too slow to accomodate an OS and I will have to rearrange an X25-M 80GB to get decent performance.

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