New T.38 gateway patch against Asterisk

Yesterday Asterisk- has been released, unfortunately latest irroot’s T.38 patch is still against 1.8.8. Since I’m going to upgrade my asterisk box I made a new patch out of his subversion branch and I ported it to 1.8.11. I still didn’t test it properly, but I will in the following days. Debian Squeeze packages of asterisk 1.8.11 with t38 gateway patches (plus some more features and fixes) will follow soon, expect them in the following days.

Here is the patch:

Please let me know if it does work for you.

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  • Frederic Van Espen


    The link to the patch appears to be broken. Is there a new link or any other place I can get the patch from?


  • Great.. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Sebastien

    We have got a PRI with T38 ATA connected to the SIP side.
    I’m using Grandstream ATA HT70x and AVM Fritz!Box that supose to be T38 compatible.

    Unfortunately I’m unable to get a reliable FAX solution. I’ve seen that T38 Gateway is T38 version 0 and only supported by span_dsp.
    It seem that the digium T38 driver for asterisk 1.8 hasn’t got GATEWAY capability.

    Can you give me some clues to setup my Asterisk ?

    • darkbasic

      To send a fax from your analog fax:
      exten => _X!.,1,Set(FAXOPT(gateway)=yes)
      same => n,Dial(SIP/eutelia/${EXTEN})

      To receive a fax to your analog fax:
      exten => fax,1,Set(FAXOPT(gateway)=yes)
      same => n,Dial(DAHDI/12)
      same => n,Hangup()

      Also you should have


      in your sip.conf

      Also you will need to open UDP ports from 4000 to 4999 in your firewall.
      Hope it helps.

  • Sebastien

    I’ve done all of this :( … and no way still very unstable.
    Which Kind of t38 ATA are you using ?

  • Sebastien

    Our issue is that we can’t build asterisk 11 and the Gateway itself as our company security policies forbid compiler on target host.
    Are you been able to create Asterisk 11 Debian Packages ? Contact me in private, we might find and agreement.

    • darkbasic

      No unfortunately I don’t have asterisk 11 packages, but I still suggest you to try compiling it in a test machine to see if it solves your problem. Maybe the problem is the ATA and asterisk 11 will not help you…

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